Happy new year 2018


ADEQUATEC, pioneer and leader since 2005 in France of sludge dewatering by low energy consuming screw Press (ADEQUAPRESS), accomplish with conscience and determination its modest task in the cycle of water and wish a beautiful and ecological new year 2018 to all water actors. ADEQUAPRESS : 95% energy saving, 98%… Continue reading

How ADEQUAPRESS contribute to energy efficiency in Sludge dewatering


Game without commitment with lots to win! See at the end.   Question 1: Taking into account the following statement, calculate the diameter of the earth at the level of Ecuador? (5/10) Question 2: Knowing that Mr. DUPONT drives an average of 5,000 km per year with his ZOE (best… Continue reading

ADEQUATEC wins the 2010 innovation award

Prix Adequatec

 ADEQUATEC Wins the Enterprise and Environment 2010 in the “Innovation in eco–technology Price innovation in eco technologies in 2010 awarded by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and ADEME. This award recognizes the environmental technologies sector (water, waste, air, soil, energy efficiency, renewable energy …) who put on the market an… Continue reading

Wealth and discovery of Algeria show

salon algerie

  ADEQUATEC will be present from 15 to 17 may 2015 at the wealth and discovery of Algeria in Chanot parc,Marseille. We will be happy to meet you on our stand at the wealth and discovery of Algeria show, at the Mediterranean Palace, parc Chanot, PRADO roundabout, HALL 2, Marseille,… Continue reading