How ADEQUAPRESS contribute to energy efficiency in Sludge dewatering

Game without commitment with lots to win! See at the end.


Question 1: Taking into account the following statement, calculate the diameter of the earth at the level of Ecuador? (5/10)

Question 2: Knowing that Mr. DUPONT drives an average of 5,000 km per year with his ZOE (best electric car in the world!). Calculate the number of ZOEs that can be recharged with energy savings generated by the ADEQUAPRESS? (5/10)


«With more than 45 references in France and abroad the dehydration process, ADEQUAPRESS, is considered by operators as a formidable tool for energy efficiency. Indeed, the ADEQUAPRESS generates an electricity saving of more than 95% compared to the centrifuge decanters which equip 65% of the sludge dewatering park in France. The water saving is more than 98% compared to the belt filters that equip 30% and the reagent saving is more than 50% compared to these two conventional technologies. According to the Ministry of Ecology, in 2010, sludge production from urban and industrial wastewater treatment was of the order of 1.5 million tons of dry solid(T.DS). Knowing that a centrifuge decanter consumes in average 250 kWh / T.DS against only 10 kWh / T.DS for ADEQUAPRESS and that an electric car consumes 0.200 kWh to cover one km, we can calculate very easily that the economy of electricity would drive an electric car more than 30 000 times around the earth yearly!»

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  • Lot 1: 3 free trial days (excluding transport) using the ADEQUAPRESS H1100 test platform. (3 lots)
  • Lot 2: a day of diagnosis of your dehydration process with written report and recommendations. (5 lots)
  • Lot 3: Organized visit to an ADEQUAPRESS site (5 lots)
  • Lot 4: several lots reserved for pupils and students. (Chocolates, regional specialties of the Nouvelle Aquitaine …)
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