Happy new year 2018

ADEQUATEC, pioneer and leader since 2005 in France of sludge dewatering by low energy consuming screw Press (ADEQUAPRESS), accomplish with conscience and determination its modest task in the cycle of water and wish a beautiful and ecological new year 2018 to all water actors.


ADEQUAPRESS : 95% energy saving, 98% of detention rate, no polymer overdosing, very low water consumption, most economic OPEX and CAPEX. ROI less than 28 months. (contact@adequatec.com)

Dear Friends,
May the new year 2018 bring you happiness, health and prosperity. May it bring us all the strength of conviction to bring our actions in line with our convictions. May it join our forces to struggle together to preserve our planet. May “The reduction of consumption” becomes the engine of “growth”. Utopia, maybe! But, what do you think if, in the wastewater plants that we design or operate, economies of consumption reduction of energy, water and reagents were used to produce renewable energies?


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