Aquafloor, a filtering floor in reinforced concrete casted on mortar slabs reinforced with glass fiber for all types of bio-filters and filters for drinking water or wastewater. Its implementation, simple and economical, don’t requires any formwork or scaffolding.
Its high resistance to outbreaks of uprising and its perfect flatness make it a appreciated product by the water caterers.


The filter :

Reinforced Concrete Floor
Cast on prefabricated concrete
and fiberglass slabs
2 versions: flat or corrugated slabs
Nozzles for backwashing by water or air
Approved for drinking water by the DWI and NSF


Prefabricated slabs :

Available in 2 versions: flat or corrugated
Available in any shape and dimension
Molded threaded inserts to screw nozzles
50 nozzles per m², density can be flexible
High resistance, which can support the workers during construction
Lightweight: can be raised by a man
Cuttables on site by electric saw without loss of strength
– Concrete coffering of monolithic floor filter


Flow performance :

Filtration speed : 7,5 – 25 m3/m2/h
– Air washing : 30 – 60 m3/m2/h
Backwash: 10 – 50 m3/m2/h

Advantages :

  • Handling slabs by hand (No formwork, no crane, no caffolding)
  • Perfect flatness (+ or – 2mm), corrects the CE defects
  • Warranty up to 1.2 bar against lifting
  • Cutting slabs onsite
  • Quick implementation

Ideal for rehabilitations as for new


ADEQUATEC provisions :

– The dimensioning of the floor
– Dimensioning washing and filtered water pipes
– The reinforcement scheme, principle plan
– Supply of Kit nozzles (nozzles + plugs + sealing rings) and Small slabs
– Installation Supervision

– No need of distribution layer
– Slabs are welded to cement to create a one-piece structure which does not require sealing
– Significant reduction of corrosion
– Light and very rigid slabs (maximum deviation of 2 mm for corrugated slab and 1 mm for a flat slab)
– No need crane to lift the slabs
– Slabs can be furnished without loss of strength
– Easily transportable slabs
– Ability to change the size of used nozzles
– Minimum contruction costs induced by scaffolding exemption
– Compliance with international standards on concrete (BS 8110 and BS 8007)
– Maximum media Loss of 2% per yean guaranteed for 15 years


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