process BIO’N SEP

Traitement biologique wastewater BIO'N SEP

Traitement biologique et membranaire
Protection zones sensibles, ressources d’eau pour la consommation humaine, sites balnéaires…

Description of BIO’N SEP process :

The process BIO’N SEP ® combines the most proven technologies and efficient and reliable for maximum protection of the receiving environment:

  • Treatment first outbreak: 8 mm fine screening, grit removal and degreasing optimized Biological
  • Treatment and secondary clarification: conventional activated sludge treatment by respecting the norms of customary releases
  • Tertiary treatment: Filtration / Ultrafiltration membrane disinfection

Benefits BIO’N process in SEP:

  • Investment cost reduction : The peak shaving rates makes it possible, with the same budget:

A typical treatment process with a more compact GC

A membrane by refining tertiary treatment

  • Increased biological performance: limitation of hydraulic shots and homogenization of the sludge age
  • Quality of the treated water constant: Membranes deliver treated water of excellent quality whatever the quality of the water outlet of the clarifier
  • Protection of secure receiving water clarification double barrier (GC classic clarifier and membrane filtration)
  • Powerful disinfection membrane: Disposal of 99.999% of bacteria and viruses
  • Protected membranes and which complement the biological
  • Life increased membranes (MES raw water = 30 mg / l)

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