Carbon free Dewatering Workshop

ADEQUATEC has patented a highly energy efficient disk-drum screw press with high filtration performance that ensures 95% capture rate. Compact, without odors or noise or vibration, the SWINGPRESS requires only 6 kilowatts of installed power per ton of dewatered solids. It was designed to meet the needs of very large WWTPs with the lowest possible operating cost. The SWINGPRESS enables customers not only to save money and reduce their carbon footprint, but also to use renewable energies (PV, wind …) to provide its needed low power. They can achieve up to 25% savings on power consumption of their water treatment plant.

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  • SWINGPRESS makes it possible to divide the power consumption by 20 compared to a centrifuge decanters (the most widespread technology)
  • With such a low power consumption, the use of renewable energies (solar, wind …) becomes possible.
  • Therefore, the dewatering unit no longer emits carbon.

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