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ADEQUATEC is an innovative company thriving in eco-industries and in particular the water and sanitation sector. It designs and markets solutions and technologies with very low carbon footprint.

At its inception in 2001, is ADEQUATEC’s mission is to promote the exchange of environmentally sound technologies between Europe and the Far East (Japan, China, South Korea). Then in 2005, ADEQUATEC introduced on the sanitation market mechanical dewatering technology of biological sludge among the most environmentally friendly: the screw press with self-cleaning drum drives, ADEQUAPRESS® consuming less than 10 kWh per tonne of dried material. Thanks to the ADEQUAPRESS®, operators of cleansing stations can save 95% electricity, 50% chemicals and 99% of washing water.


ADEQUATEC now has over 45 references throughout Europe including numerous turnkey units delivered exploited by industry (food, stationery, petrochemical …) Communities (City of St. Petersburg in Russia, City of Dijon, Pau, Belley, Bourges …) and the biggest service companies like Veolia Water, Lyonnaise des Eaux, Saur …


Besides ADEQUAPRESS ®, ADEQUATEC also markets the ADEQUAFLOOR ®, a filter mortar single-material flooring reinforced fiberglass for any type of filters and bio-filters for drinking water or wastewater. Its implementation simple and economical implementation, requiring no scaffolding or formwork and can catch small concrete construction defects and obtain a perfect flatness. Its high resistance to uplift breakouts (5 times stronger than conventional floors prefabricated slabs) makes the most requested technology choice for the rehabilitation of damaged filters overpressure accidents.


Filtres à sables, filtres à charbon actif, bio-filtres

Since 2012, ADEQUATEC looks at the problem of sanitation in sensitive areas: lakes and reservoirs for the production of water for human consumption, seaside resorts, protected reserves …

ADEQUATEC develops an engineering concept, eco responsible and appropriate solutions, which gives the engineer in tune with the reality on the ground in order to imagine and design, from the wealth of knowledge and technology now in its provision of the most effective and best adapted to the conditions and technical, economic and human solutions, all specific to each project. This is out of the current trend to apply preconceived solutions to all types of projects generating unnecessary spending to investment and operations of prohibitive costs.

Design engineers must take into account from the design stage, all notions of common sense that emerged in the last two decades since we began to realize the impact of our actions on global warming and waste of non-renewable resources of our planet. In water treatment, it is estimated that 30% of energy costs can be avoided by using an environmentally responsible design:

– Reduce energy expenditure :

  • Choose the technologies and the most simple process energy
  • Limit transport by sourcing locally
  • Take advantage of the topography

– Reducing the impact on the environment (carbon footprint neat)

  • Limit consumption of chemicals
  • Limit releases
  • Use and / or recycle
  • Prioritise materials and low-carbon supplies

– Cared operating balance

  • focus on solutions to lower operating and maintenance costs

ADEQUATEC targets small stations purges key in hand 1 000 to 50 000 EH.

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