Filipe Filipe

2001: Promotion of eco-industries exchanges between Europe and the far East
(Japan, China, South Korea)

2005: Commercialization of the ADEQUAPRESS ® DH and TH ranges

2006: Early success (St Petersburg 2 300 000 EH, Idron (64)…)

2007: Marketing ADEQUAFLOOR ®: flooring for filters

2008: Commercialization of the hybrid ADEQUAPRESS H ®

2009: Obtaining patent SWINGPRESS ®

2010: 1st prize E & E ‘Innovation in environmental technologies.

2011: Construction of a pilot portable

2012: Construction comp SWINGPRESS ®

2014: Relocation to La Rochelle and restructuring

2015: Convention with its surrounding area of la Rochelle (the STEP test platform * Port Neuf)

2015: Launch of BIO’N SEP, methods of purification of wastewater protecting the
sensitive environments (Lakes or streams used for human consumption, sites)
Resorts, natural reserves…)

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