Economic & Ecological sludge dehydration : Less than 10 Wh/kg DS



The ADEQUAPRESS technology offers remarkable advantages compared to technologies already present on the market (centrifuge and belt filter) and in particular a very low power consumption (20 to 50 times less) and very low operating and maintenance costs (3 to 6 times less).
As such, ADEQUATEC received in 2010 the Innovation Prize in ecotechnologies discerned by the Ministry of Ecology and ADEME.
The originality of the ADEQUAPRESS lies in the ingenious design of its self-cleaning and non-clogging drum. Contrary to conventional perforated  drums which is easily clogged, the ADEQUAPRESS drum is composed of a succession of fix and movable rings sliding against each other ensuring a continuous self-cleaning without consuming wash water. With less than 10 kWh per ton of dewatered solids, the ADEQUAPRESS enables customers not only to save money and reduce their carbon footprint, but also to use renewable energies (PV, wind …) for its power supply. They can achieve up to 30% savings on the electricityconsumption of a treatment plant.

Exemplary project sheet ADEQUATEC – Ademe Club

For any type of effluent from 2 g/l

The ADEQUAPRESS is a compact and autonomous unit that can be thicken and/or dewater sludge from wastewater treatement : urban, industrial (food, chemicals ) and agricultural, the initial concentration can be 2g/l to more than 30 g/l.


For WTP from a few hundred to several million PE

The ADEQUAPRESS is available in 3 ranges (DH for dehydration, TH for thickening, H (hybrid) for thickening or dehydration). The various models of each range can cover the stations range needs from a few hundred to several million population equivalent (PE).



A complete range

  • The DH range dewater sludge from 15 to 30% dryness depending on the incoming sludge.
  • TH range thicken sludge from 5 to 10% depending on final needs.
  • The hybrid range allows to thicken or dehydrate all types of sludge between 5 and 30% of dryness.

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ADEQUAPRESS range table

The ADEQUAPRESS offers the advantage of a perfect appropriateness between sludge and water spinnerets thanks to its availability rate close to 100% and its programmable and automatic working.

  • Very good catch rate (> 95%)
  • Low polymer consumption (between 3 and 8 kg AP/tDS)
  • Low water consumption (<50 l/h/drum)
  • Low power consumption
  • Rustic and robust
  • Self-cleaning and non-clogging
  • Reliable through the slow rotation of its compacting screw
  • Great adaptability to sludge quality
  • Limited odors (low transit time of the sludge)
  • Silent equipment and without vibration nuisance 
  • Direct connection to the aeration basin
  • No need of prior concentration or thickening
  • Turnkey unit, ready to be connected electrically and hydraulically
  • Easy integration to existing installations
  • Low installed power (0.5 to 1.5 kW)
  • Small and compact (<3 m² surface for 10 000 PE)
  • Continuous operation 24h/24, 7/7, fully automated
  • Instantly stopping and restarting without human intervention
  • Visual inspection of flocculation quality (no need for skilled staff)
  • Supervision operations reduced to a minimum
  • Availability rate close to 100%


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Application : sludge dehydration


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Sludge dehydration



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