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ADEQUATEC, a French company founded in 2001, filed its first application in 2005 and then designed, industrialized and marketed the first screw presses on the French market in 2006.


Building on its commercial success, both in France and internationally, ADEQUATEC has continued to develop its products by making them even more sober, robust and communicative. The second generation was released in 2017.
Since then, the company has optimized its manufacturing process for increased market competitiveness.

Ten years after installing the first screw press for sludge dewatering in France (ADEQUAPRESS at the IDRON-64 WWTP operated by SUEZ since 2007), ADEQUATEC launched a new range of screw presses on the market in 2017, breaking with all existing technologies. ADEQUATEC engineers took advantage of feedback and suggestions from their customers and carried out a methodical and complete re-engineering of the ADEQUAPRESS technology. Eco-designed, the whole range has been lightened by 40% on average and has been made more ergonomic, more compact and less high in order to make the operators’ task easier (highest point at 1.60 m for the big drums DH3000).

Indeed, several innovations have been introduced:


The main innovation concerns heavy maintenance (five-yearly maintenance) which, in addition to logistical hazards or various incidents, often requires a production stoppage and the installation of mobile dehydration units whose cost is proportional to the stoppage time. The ADEQUAPRESS drums have been standardized in three models of different sizes. Each machine can be made up of 1 to 5 drums in parallel working as a battery of interchangeable filter cartridges. Any drum can be stopped or removed from the battery without having to stop the others.


The new drums have benefited from a special eco-design approach (zero waste) so that during the five-yearly maintenance, 70% of their material is reused and the remaining 30% is recycled. They are easily and quickly replaceable. Once electrically disconnected, it is enough to loosen a flange and ten bolts to lift a drum in less than an hour. To this end, the drum has been equipped with a clever top reinforcement structure with integrated lifting rings that allow for safe lifting.


Drum cleaning has also been revisited. A set of solenoid valves now allows the drums to be washed sequentially, reducing the need for instantaneous flow and concentrating it on a single drum. This has made it possible to double the washing ramps in the dewatering area and four-sided washing in the pressing area.

ADEQUATEC has an installed base of about sixty ADEQUAPRESS, mainly in France but also two major references in Russia and Ireland.