Technological leader in the thickening and dewatering

and dewatering of wastewater treatment plant sludge


Supply of equipment

We provide standard equipment and key dehydration plants adapted to each project for each project.



Adequatec attaches great importance to the quality of its process: Low environmental impact environmental impact and reduction of consumables.


After Sales/Maintenance

The ergonomics of our machines and workshops have been optimized for an easy, fast and uninterrupted without production stoppage.


Mobile units

We offer mobile or containerized units with low energy consumption, compact units with capacities between 20 and 300 kg MS/h


ADEQUAPRESS screw press on a SEVESO site

ADEQUAPRESS screw press on an urban WWTP

Our technology

ADEQUATEC has designed and developed the ADEQUAPRESS, a high performance screw press. It is a an autonomous sludge dewatering unit with a high availability rate. This modular technology technology, the most economical on the market (energy, water, reagents) is capable of treating all types of urban and industrial sludge, digested or not, as well as digestates from digestates.

ADEQUATEC, a French company founded in 2001, filed its first patent in 2005 and designed, industrialized and marketed the first screw presses on the French market in 2006.
Thanks to its commercial successes, in France but also internationally, ADEQUATEC has not stopped developing its products by making them even more sober, more robust and communicating. The second generation was released in 2017.

Our company

Context of our offer

With 1,500,000 MS/year of sewage sludge produced in France and the associated economic/ecological/societal constraints (odors, substance concentrations, transportation, emissions), the market has been very dynamic for the last 20 years.
While perforated screen screw presses first appeared on the French market in the 1980s, they were discontinued 10 years later due to proven constraints: low capture rate, high water and polymer consumption, frequent clogging and frequent screen breakage.


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