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With 1,500,000 tonnes MS/year of sewage sludge produced in France and the associated economic
economic/ecological/societal constraints (odors, substance concentrations, transport,
emissions), the market has been buoyant for 20 years. The market has also been boosted by the
accelerated the technological shift initiated by ADEQUATEC to replace energy-hungry
centrifuges, which account for 70% of the French market, with low-energy consumption screw presses


Perforated-screen screw presses first appeared on the French market in the
80s, they were phased out 10 years later due to proven constraints: low capture rate,
high water and polymer consumption, frequent clogging and frequent screen breakage.
grids. Centrifugal technology was introduced in the 1980s and has dominated the market for the past thirty years.
dominated the market over the last thirty years, particularly in urban areas. State-of-the-art
technology (high capture rate), it is penalized by its high energy consumption
(200 kWh/t dehydrated MS) and the cost of replacing wearing parts (10% of the
investment each year).

It was against this backdrop that ADEQUATEC reintroduced screw press technology to France in 2005.
a complete reengineering, positioning it as a challenger to centrifugation.
The gamble paid off with : 

Rising costs of wastewater treatment plant sludge disposal/recovery, due in particular to the
development of the composting sector, combined with the application of the IED
the IED directive and its BREFs for industrial companies (implementation of an EMS, including energy).
our business an ongoing challenge and a responsibility to our operator customers. Our
current and future customers can count on ADEQUATEC’s dynamism to continue innovating
and produce ever more efficient and energy-efficient equipment.